I've always had a love for art- - whether it was drawing, painting, doing crafts or photography. As a young girl I would look forward to some quiet moments to sit and create almost anything I could think of. As a graduation gift from High School I received a Minolta 35mm camera (big name gift at the time) where I learned to manually control many of the dials. From that moment on, I almost always had a camera in my hand. 

When I graduated from Art School at the age of 22, I was asked to join a professional photographer as an assistant doing weddings... I was hooked. I bought a medium format camera and eventually a digital camera. I spent the next 25 years photographing weddings, babies, children, seniors and families... building my own part time photography business and owning a small studio where I meet fabulous people and even make life-long clients and friends.


Memories By Melissa